Why Must Standardized Testing In Malaysia Ban? (Best solution)

Why is it necessary to remove standardized testing?

  • Justifications for the Abolition of Standardized Testing Schools that face financial cuts from the government as a result of test results are obliged to fire instructors, increase class sizes, and eliminate activities that are beneficial to students. Despite the fact that this procedure is damaging, biased judgments based only on test scores continue to be made.

Why should standardized testing be banned?

Stop standardizing and instead demonstrate to the pupil As a result of the stress and worry, it is possible that their test results may not accurately reflect their talents. In the views of most kids, doing well on these standardized examinations has become synonymous with having a promising future, and doing poorly on the test may have a significant impact on a student’s self-confidence.

Why is standardized testing harmful?

Individual variations in growth and experience are not taken into consideration in standardized examinations. Disparities in the capacity to participate in logical or reasoned reasoning are particularly significant in this context. According to research, there may be three different degrees of logical reasoning capacity at most grade levels across the board.

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What’s wrong with the education system in Malaysia?

One of the most pressing problems is the growing achievement gap and subsequent learning loss among schoolchildren. In comparison to last year, our instructors this year are far more prepared, have acquired a variety of digital skills, and are going above and beyond their responsibilities to guarantee that no child is left behind.

Why should we keep standardized testing?

State standardized exams, while not without flaws, provide us with something crucially important: comparable data based on state learning standards, which allows us to make educated judgments regarding the needs of students, schools, and districts as a whole.

Why do we need standardized testing?

Even though they are not without flaws, state standardized exams provide us with something really valuable: comparable data based on state learning standards, which allows us to make educated judgments regarding the needs of individual students, schools, and districts.

What are the cons of standardized testing?

The disadvantages of standardized testing

  • Inflexibility. It is possible for students who succeed in classroom settings to score poorly on exams owing to fear, unfamiliarity with the test format, family obligations, health problems, language challenges, or other frequent factors. The use of time is a waste of time, and progress is not measured. Stress and politics are involved.

What are the disadvantages of standardized testing?

The disadvantages of standardized testing

  • It has the potential to cause significant stress. Teachers may find themselves “teaching to the exam” rather than providing pupils with a more in-depth grasp of a subject. It assesses a student’s performance without taking into consideration any extraneous circumstances. A single test performance is taken into account during the assessment process.
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What are the current issues in Malaysia?


  • Police Abuse and Impunity. Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Trafficking Victims. Covid-19.
  • Freedom of Expression Religious Freedom
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Child Marriage

Are Malaysians well educated?

Following OECD cross-country surveys on the basic skills scores of primary and secondary school pupils, Malaysia’s education system has been rated as “unacceptably poor” by the international community. Malaysia was ranked 52nd in mathematics, 59th in reading, and 53rd in science in the 2012 OECD sample of 65 nations, according to the data.

What is wrong with our current education system?

1. There is a shortfall in government financing for education. In the case of schools, funding is always a concern, and it is one of the most pressing challenges facing the public education system in the United States right now. Reduced financing results in fewer teachers, fewer programs, and fewer available resources.

Should we get rid of standardized tests?

Standardized exams are not a valid method of assessing intellect or comprehension, and they should be phased out or replaced if the public education system is to make any significant progress in the future. A standardized aptitude test has been in use for at least 150 years, and there are several variations.

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