Who Is Malaysia Pargo Baby Daddy?

  • Who is the biological father of her child? No one has any idea. Malaysia has informed his buddies that he is a “very successful” businessman in Atlanta, Georgia. She didn’t go into detail. Congratulations to Malaysia, who appears to be in excellent health. Malaysia is the mother of a boy and two twins with her ex-husband, NBA star Jannero Pargo.

Is Jannero Pargo married?

Malaysia and Jannero are a match made in heaven. Pargo Malaysia and her ex-husband, Jannero, have three children from their marriage: two daughters and a son.

Does Malaysia Pargo have custody of her kids?

They are the parents of twins and one son. The children will be shared between the couple and their children.

Who is Malaysia’s husband?

Doug Christie and she have been married since 1996 and are the parents of two children, Douglas Christie Jr. and Chantel Christie.

Who is Jackie Christie husband?

After marrying in 2007, Malaysia and her ex-husband welcomed their first kid, Jannero Pargo Jr., a year after their union was consummated.

Who are Malaysia’s kids?

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