Which Of The Following Is Not A Fragmented State Malaysia? (Solution)

Identify which of the following does not represent a fractured state. Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and East Timor are examples of states that are fragmented. Any others are not split in the same way.
What are fragmented states, and how do they differ from one another?

  • States that are fragmented. There are two kinds of separations: those separated by ocean and those divided by other countries. Contain many parcels of land that are not connected together. It makes it harder to communicate. People living in isolated places may find it more challenging to integrate with the rest of the state.

Is Southeast Asia culturally fragmented?

Southeast Asia, like Eastern Europe, is a region of enormous cultural diversity that deserves to be referred to as the “shatter belt.” Southeast Asia may be regarded a buffer zone as well as a shatter belt due to its geographical location. Comparing the populations of India and China, the overall population of Southeast Asia is a small fraction of those countries.

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Which city lost a good part of its hinterland to Pakistan in the partitioning of British India?

The partition of Bengal between newly independent India and Pakistan in 1947 was a severe setback for Calcutta, which became the capital of only West Bengal and lost the trade of a portion of its previous hinterland as a result of the division of Bengal.

Which of the following is not a fragmented state?

Identify which of the following does not represent a fractured state. Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and East Timor are examples of states that are fragmented. Any others are not split in the same way.

Which states are part of mainland Southeast Asia?

Thailand and Vietnam are the largest countries in Southeast Asia, followed by Cambodia and Laos, followed by Myanmar (Burma), then Thailand and Singapore, which is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam comprise the eastern portion of the mainland and are collectively referred to as the Indochinese Triangle.

Which came first in China political or economic reform?

In China, which came first: political reform or economic reform? In China, economics took precedence above everything else.

On which sectors did the Four Modernizations focus?

The “Four Modernizations” were designed to improve the competitiveness of the agricultural, industrial, technological, and defense sectors. As had been the case under Mao, the conflict between classes was no longer the primary emphasis.

Who was leader of China after Mao?

As a result of Mao’s death in September 1976, Deng outmanoeuvred the late chairman’s handpicked successor, Hua Guofeng, and was elected as the de facto leader of China at the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee in December 1978, the same year Mao died.

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What are examples of fragmented states?

A fragmented state is defined by the presence of many noncontiguous pieces of land. Fragmented states include archipelagos such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Fiji, to name a few examples. When an expansion of the primary territory protrudes from it, it is referred to as a prorupted or protruded. Thailand is an example of a country that has become corrupt.

What is state morphology?

According to state morphology, how a country’s form might influence its culture, politics, economics and general wellbeing is being investigated in depth.

Is Indonesia a fragmented state?

Located at the confluence of two enormous seas and two continents, Indonesia is a large, divided, and culturally varied country that sees massive quantities of shipping and planes pass through on a daily basis. Indonesia is not fragile because of these vulnerabilities, despite the fact that they exist. There have only been a few large-scale regional separatist uprisings in recent history.

Who Divided India from Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the most prominent proponent of the partition movement. He was appointed as the country’s first Governor-General. Hundreds of thousands of people crossed the new Radcliffe Line, which connected the two newly established states. In 1947, the population of British India was around 570 million people.

Which countries are separated from India?

North of West Bengal are Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the north-west are China, Bhutan, and Nepal, to the north-east are Myanmar, and to the east of West Bengal are Bangladesh. Sri Lanka is separated from India by a small channel of water formed by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. This canal is known as the Palk Strait Channel.

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Which of the following is located in the core area of Pakistan?

Among the most populous areas in Pakistan, the Indus River Valley and the Punjab are the most prominent, with population densities exceeding a million people per square mile in each. Pakistan’s two most important geographical regions are the Punjab and the Indus River Valley.

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