Where To Buy Road Tax Sticker Malaysia? (Question)

  • Get your hands on some basic car stickers or one of those road tax sticker decals to decorate your vehicle. These stickers should be accessible at automotive accessory stores as well as on the internet through sites such as Mudah.my and Lelong.my. If you’re lucky, your vehicle insurance agent may provide you with a complimentary one when you renew your license.

How do I get a road tax sticker?

How to submit an application for a replacement road tax sticker Present your identification card and the completed form at the counter when you turn it in. Pay a fee in order to replace a misplaced roadtax sticker. The replacement of a damaged roadtax is completely free of charge. Get your new road tax sticker in the mail.

How do I remove road tax sticker from windscreen?

Tips for removing the “roadtax” label off your windscreen without leaving a scuff mark on your windshield.

  1. Soak a cloth in hot water for a few minutes. Using the heated cloth, wipe the inside of the glass directly on top of the roadtax sticker that you intend to remove. Allow approximately 5-10 minutes for the adhesive to melt before proceeding. After 5-10 minutes, carefully peel away the sticker from the surface.
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How do I renew my road tax JPJ?

A: Road tax can be renewed up to two months before its expiration date at any JPJ office, post office, or through the internet system. Q: Is it possible to renew my road tax online? A third party handles the renewal of your online road tax. You may complete your renewal from any location by logging on to the MyEG or Bjak websites and entering your information.

Do you need to display road tax?

a: Road tax can be renewed two months before it expires at any JPJ office, post office, or on the internet. Q: Is it possible to renew my road tax on the internet? A: Yes. A third party does the online road tax renewal. You may complete your renewal from any location by logging in to the MyEG or Bjak websites.

How do you get sticker residue off windscreen?

When it comes to removing stickers from your vehicle’s windshield, rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol perform remarkably well. Take a few dry paper towels and soak them in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Then, using the paper towel, dab the sticker until it is totally drenched in ink or water.

How do I remove tax disc glue?


  1. Cooking oil should be soaked into a tiny section of a kitchen towel. Rub against the adhesive residue until it is completely removed. Using a clean towel soaked in soapy water, wipe the windscreen clean. Rinse well and pat dry.

Can I renew road tax at Pos Malaysia?

Starting on Monday, Pos Malaysia will accept “walk-ins” for the renewal of road tax and driving licenses at any of its post offices across the country, according to the company. In a statement, Pos Malaysia stated that it will continue to adopt standard operating procedures (SOPs) as required by the health authorities at all post offices throughout Malaysia.

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Can renew road tax at post office now?

Customers with current appointments may opt to either walk-in to their local post office to renew their road tax or license, or they can continue with their appointments at their preferred date, time, and place, according to the national courier service.

Can you renew road tax post office?

For customers who have pre-booked JPJ renewal service appointments, they have the option to continue with those appointments at their preferred date, time and location, or they can simply walk-in to any one of our post offices to complete the renewal of their driving license or road tax renewal requirements.

Can you drive a car without tax if you just bought it?

Is it legal for me to drive my new automobile home if I just purchased it? If you’ve recently purchased a car, you’ll need to register it in your name before you can drive it away. In the event that you purchase a vehicle, the road tax is not transferred from the previous owner to you, the new owner.

Can someone else tax my car for me?

Make certain that your car is insured and that its MOT is still good (if appropriate). The information on your V5C or V5C/2 can be shared with someone else who will be able to tax your car online on your behalf. They will need to have access to your credit or debit card details in order to do so. Insurance and the validity of the MOT are both verified electronically.

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Is it illegal to display a tax disc?

With the implementation of a new computerized system in October last year, the tax disc, which was initially introduced in 1921, has no longer been available in paper form. A representative for the DVLA stated that, as the paper tax disc has been phased out, there is no longer a requirement to show it – but doing so is not a criminal offense if the vehicle’s owner wishes to.

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