Where To Buy Malaysia Touch N Go Card In Singapore? (Question)

You’ll have to acquire Touch and Go cards from authorised outlets in Malaysia for the time being because there are no official methods for purchasing or topping up Touch and Go cards in Singapore.

  • In addition to Touch ‘n Go Hubs, you may purchase a Touch ‘n Go card at Touch ‘n Go Spots, which are located at specific gas stations, Watson”s Personal Care Stores, and Touch ‘n Go Sales Counters, which are positioned along the highway. PETRONAS gas stations, LRT stations, and third-party agents also provide Touch ‘n Go cards in addition to their own. Is it possible to use Touch N Go in Singapore?

How can I buy Touch and Go card in Singapore?

From September 2020 onwards, the EZ-Link x Touch ‘n Go Motoring cards will only be available for purchase at certain 7-Eleven locations throughout Singapore. The card will be offered for $10 per card, which includes a $3 load value in the EZ-Link handbag. The card will be available for purchase online.

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Can I use Touch n Go in Singapore?

It is a product that has been created as a result of a cooperation between EZ-Link Pte Ltd and Touch ‘n Go Sdn. Bhd. Autopass cards will still be required for foreign cars entering Singapore and for vehicles exiting Singapore, as well as for paying all entry and exit fees while traveling across Singapore’s borders. For additional information about the Autopass card, please visit this page.

Where can I top up my touch and go?

What is the best way to refill my Touch ‘n Go Card?

  • In addition to the TnG Customer Experience Center (CEC), TnG Hubs and TnG Spots, Petrol Kiosks, Convenience shops, ATMs, pharmacies, and self-service kiosks are also available.

Can Top Up Touch n Go card online?

Due to the fact that the Touch ‘n Go card has a MIFARE chip, transactions can only take place when the card is in touch with a card reader.

Will Touch n Go expire?

Even if you use your Touch ‘N Go card on a regular basis, it will eventually expire. A 10-year shelf life is guaranteed for each Touch ‘n Go card.

How do you get Touch n Go?

You may purchase a TNG card at a number of locations, including gas stations, convenience stores, and self-service kiosks.

What is a Cepas card?

Website, TransitLink, and LTA Concession Cards are all available. CEPAS, or the Specification for Contactless e-Purse Application, is a Singaporean specification for a smart card that may be used to make electronic payments. CEPAS has been implemented throughout the island, and it has taken the place of the former EZ-Link card as of October 1, 2009.

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How do you pass tolls without touch and go?

Is it necessary for me to open the Touch ‘n Go eWallet every time I pass through the toll booth? No, simply use the newly introduced TNG card to pay tolls (either by tapping the reader or via SmartTAG) on participating highways as you would normally.

How do I use my EZ-Link Phone?

In order to ride the MRT, just tap your contactless bank card (such as a credit or debit card) or mobile device at the fare gates or card reader on buses, just as you would normally do with your current travel card. If you are paying using your mobile device, keep in mind that you should leave your device at the fee gates or card reader for a bit longer.

Can I pay with Touch n Go card?

MYDIN Hypermarket now accepts Touch ‘n Go payments as well as the ability to recharge your card! Remember to bring your Touch ‘n Go card with you and to pay for your groceries using Touch ‘n Go when you come back to MYDIN on your next visit. Visit our website at www.touchngo.com for more information. Click to view a list of which MYDIN Hypermarkets are equipped with Touch ‘n Go functionality.

Does 7 Eleven sell Touch n Go card?

Reload using a Touch ‘n Go To continue enjoying the convenience of using the LRT, parking your car, viewing a movie, and many other activities, simply reload your Touch ‘n Go card at your local 7-Eleven Malaysia location today.

Where can top up Touch n Go without charges?

Shell Petrol Stations now allow you to recharge your Touch ‘N Go card without incurring the additional 50 sen penalty!

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How can I get SmartTAG in Malaysia?

Highway users are being pushed to obtain RFID tags, which are now accessible online through the Touch ‘n Go eWallet application or the Touch ‘n Go site, as well as at 39 RFID fitting centers located across the Peninsula’s highway system.

What to do if Touch n Go card expired?

If your card has expired, please visit one of the Touch ‘n Go customer service desks at Nu Sentral. The amount on the expired card will be transferred to the new Touch ‘n Go card, and the old card will be cancelled.

How can I withdraw money from TNG card?

Please follow the steps below to transfer the funds from your DORMANT or INACTIVE Touch ‘n Go card to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet account.

  1. Visit https://www.touchngo.com.my/erefund for the first step. Enter your Card Serial Number (MFG No.) and your IC No. in the second step. The next step is to choose E-Wallet as the Refund Payment Method. Step 4: You have completed the process and will receive an email.

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