Malaysia When To Go? (TOP 5 Tips)

In general, the ideal time to visit Malaysia is between the months of December and April. The weather is hot and humid most of the time throughout the year, with occasional showers or thunderstorms. Even in the driest season, Malaysia’s tropical monsoon climate assures that there may be brief periods of rain, so make sure to bring an umbrella with you.

Which month is rainy season in Malaysia?

The wet season on the east coast lasts from November to February, whereas the west coast enjoys bright, dry weather throughout this time. The wettest months on the west coast are from April to October, whilst the driest months on the east coast are from December to March.

What is the best time to visit Malaysia and Singapore?

Singapore and Malaysia have consistently pleasant weather throughout the year. Traveling throughout the months of November, February, and March will allow you to avoid the worst rains. These months also fall outside of the busiest tourist season, which includes Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year, so there will be less people on the streets.

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Is December a good time to visit Malaysia?

December follows a similar pattern to November, with the west coast receiving the majority of the sunshine and drawing the majority of guests while the east coast properties remain closed until March. Arrive early in the month to avoid the Christmas rush and avoid the crowds.

Is Malaysia in summer or winter?

Malaysia is believed to have two peak seasons, with the first occurring during the winter (December – February) season and the second occurring during the summer (June – August) season respectively.

Does Malaysia have all 4 seasons?

Malaysia’s weather may be described as tropical. It has four seasons: the northeast monsoon (from November or December to March), the first intermonsoonal period (from March to April or May), the southwest monsoon (from May or June to September or early October), and the second intermonsoonal period (from April to June) (October to November).

What is Malaysia like in May?

With temperatures reaching 32oC and lows of 24oC, air conditioning and high-factor sun protection are required for your vacation. Rain is expected on the islands on more than half of the days in May, with a total rainfall of around 250mm expected over the course of the month.

Is Malaysia safe for tourists?

Malaysia is generally regarded as a safe country to travel to. Although it is a country where you are unlikely to meet violence, you should exercise caution when dealing with minor crime due to the high prevalence of occurrence. Aside from that, Malaysia is more vulnerable to terrorist strikes than the rest of the world.

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Is it good to visit Malaysia in November?

Overview of the month of November The month of November heralds the beginning of peak season for the beaches and islands along Malaysia’s west coast, so expect clear skies and little rainfall. Many hotels and resorts on the east coast will close as a result of the deterioration in weather and water conditions, with many of them reopening in March.

Is Malaysia hot in January?

The weather in Malaysia in January Malaysia, with its tropical, equatorial environment, is hot all year round, and January is no exception to this rule. Because the east coast monsoon season lasts from November to March, this time of year can be fairly wet in certain areas, but you’ll still get lots of sunshine in other areas.

Is Malaysia open for tourists?

The weather in Malaysia in January is expected to be warm. Malaysia, with its tropical, equatorial environment, is hot all year round, and January is no exception in this regard. Because the east coast monsoon season lasts from November to March, this time of year can be extremely wet in certain areas, but you’ll still get plenty of sunshine in most spots.

Does Malaysia have autumn?

Autumn in Malaysia is marked by the onset of the rainy season unusually early, during which the volume and frequency of rainfall both gradually increase. Just decide which months suit you better: the more rainy, but not overly hot months from September to December, or the sultry, lush, and less wet months from March to August.

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Can you drink in Malaysia?

Despite the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim majority nation, the country allows the sale of alcoholic beverages to non-Muslims. Alcohol prohibitions are not implemented across the country with the exception of Kelantan and Terengganu, where alcohol prohibitions are strictly enforced primarily for Muslim communities in those two states.

Where is the coldest place in Malaysia?

Fraser’s Hill is located in Pahang. Fraser’s Hill is a cold area in Malaysia that is known for its English-styled bungalows and terrain that is reminiscent of the English countryside. It is located among the highlands of Pahang and is one of the more chilly places in Malaysia.

What is the coldest place in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur: Mount Kinabalu Peak, which is located 4,095 metres above sea level and is a popular tourist destination in Sabah, is the coldest spot in Malaysia.

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