How To Select Seat On Malaysia Airlines? (Question)

Passengers have the option of selecting their favourite seat when booking their trip or while checking into their flight online. Additionally, travellers may make changes to their seat selection and other flight details using the Manage My Booking feature.

  • Step 2- Select the My booking page and enter the confirmation code as well as the passenger’s last name in the appropriate fields. Step 3- Go back over the information and click on the search tab. Select the passenger’s name and the seat of your choice in Step 4.

Does Malaysian airlines charge for seat selection?

If you want to pick a preferred seat in Economy Class at the time of booking or at any time before check-in opens, Malaysia Airlines will charge you an additional fee. The amount charged is determined by the departure and arriving zones and ranges from RM11 to RM50 for normal seats and from RM22 to RM150 for emergency exit seats, depending on the airline.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

When should I make my airplane seat selection? After you have completed your flight booking (or while you are still in the process, depending on the airline), you should click to examine the seat map and select your preferred seat. If you book your travel with friends or family members on the same ticket, it is possible that they will be given seats close to you by the airline automatically.

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How can I choose my flight seat online?

To view your itinerary, enter your Booking number and last name in the appropriate fields. You may select seats from the trip itinerary page by scrolling down and clicking the link “Choose Seats.” Keep in mind that airlines do charge a premium for preferred seating arrangements. Don’t be concerned if you can’t see any seats since they are hidden behind a curtain.

How do I arrange my flight seat?

The websites SeatGuru and SeatLink provide information about airline seats in advance of flights, and you may use them to find out where you will be sitting on your journey. Both operate in a very similar manner. The SeatGuru website provides you with online aircraft seat maps, allowing you to determine if your flight seat is over the wing or near to the restrooms.

How do you fly comfortably in economy class?

9 suggestions for making economy class travel more comfortable

  1. Be cautious while selecting an airline.
  2. Pick your seats wisely.
  3. Check in and select your seating arrangements as quickly as feasible. Install seat alert applications on your phone. Comply with the comfort tax. Use your flight points sparingly, and you’ll save money. Make yourself a source of entertainment. Noise-cancelling headphones are your best friend in this situation.

Can we choose seat during check in?

Airlines want you to pay more to select a seat — even if it’s in the center of the plane. You are never obligated to pick a specific seat and may always choose to refuse seat selection in preference of receiving a FREE seat assignment during check-in, even if the airline’s website makes it look as though you must pay an additional fee for a certain seat on the flight.

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What happens if you don’t select a seat?

If you do not reserve a seat on a flight, you will be assigned to whatever seats are available that have not yet been reserved. If you have purchased economy class but did not select a seat to reserve, you need not be concerned since you will be assigned a seat during flight check-in without any difficulty.

How do I know my seat number in flight?

Check the back of your airline ticket to check what seat you are assigned. As long as you have your airline ticket in your hands, you will be able to examine it and identify exactly the seat you have been given. If you look up the seating chart online or phone the airline, you should be able to find out what seat you are in.

Do all airlines charge for seat selection?

The way it works is as follows. Airlines now offer a rate referred to as “premium economy” or something like. Occasionally, all of the nice seats — even the escape rows — are categorized as premium seating. The airlines attempt to charge a premium for these seats, but if no one wants to pay for them and the aircraft is already full, they must allocate them to someone else.

Which airlines let you choose your seat?

For most United- and United Express®-operated flights, you may select a seat or alter your seat assignment online at, using the United app, or through your travel agent, among other options. If there are no seat assignments available at the time of booking, you can check again closer to departure to see if any seats become available.

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