How To See Malaysia Driving License Number?

  • As a reminder, if you have a valid driving license, you may check the status of your driving license number online by visiting the Sarthi Parivahan gov website.
  • By checking the status of your driving license application online, you may determine whether or not your Driving Licence Application Status is now active.

Where can I find driving licence number?

What is the number on my driver’s license? This is a 16-character number that is only known to you and nobody else. It is printed on the back of your photocard driving license, just below the expiration date of the license. It all starts with the first five letters of your surname, as seen below.

How can I check my driving licence online Malaysia?

You may find out if your driving license is still valid by visiting the JPJ’s official website. Once you’ve arrived at the website, follow these instructions. Select the right ID from the ID category by clicking on it. Click on MyKad if you are a Malaysian.

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How can I check my driving licence online?

If you want to check the progress of your driving license application online, follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Step 1: Go to and fill out the online form. To access online services, go to the “Online Services” option on the home page. Step 3: From the drop-down menu, choose “Driving Licence Related Services” from the list of options.

Where can I find my DL number in parivahan?

To search for a driving license by name and address, go to the website ( and enter the information. Now go to the Parivahan home page and pick the menu to driving license related services. Then select the state from the drop-down menu. After that, you must provide your date of birth and captcha code.

Does driving licence number include last 2 digits?

If an application has selected a driving license as one of their identification papers, the system will prompt the verifier to enter the last four digits of their driving license number in order to ensure it has been received and verified. The final four numbers include the two digits at the very end of the string, after the space.

Where is the photocard number on driving licence?

Your driving license number is located at the fifth position on the front of your photocard license and is 16 characters in length.

How do you use MyEG?

Account Renewal Types of Login Information

  1. Return to the login/registration page for your account. Please enter your username and password. After that, a new MyEG login page will be displayed. On this screen, you’ll be required to enter your login and password a second time. Select MYROADTAX from the Go To drop-down menu. Continue by selecting “Login” from the drop-down menu.
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How do I check if my driving licence is valid?

Return to the login/registration page for your account. ; Username and password must be entered. A new MyEG login page will appear on the screen. ; On this screen, you’ll be required to enter your login and password a second time; Go to MYROADTAX in the Where To field. Continue by selecting “Login” from the drop-down list.

Can Renew Malaysia driving license online?

Malaysians may renew their driving licenses (CDLs) quickly and easily online. Vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, and all other kinds of vehicles allowed by JPJ are eligible.

What is a licence check code?

The DVLA check code serves as the online equivalent of the picture card driving license in the United Kingdom. In order to access the DVLA database and check driving license information, the code must be entered. It also allows you to share your driving license information with employers or vehicle rental firms.

How can I check my driving licence validity by SMS?

Start a new message on your mobile phone by pressing the + button. For example, DL 1234567111 is the driver’s national identification number, which begins with the initials DL. Text the message to the number 22846. You will receive an SMS indicating if your DL is valid or expired. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone, as each SMS will cost you…

How do I download DL from DigiLocker?

Enter your username and six-digit PIN on the DigiLocker website and click “Sign In.” After that, you’ll get a one-time password (OTP) on the phone number you provided. Click on the Get Issued Documents icon after you have logged in. Go to the search bar and type in “driving license” to see what comes up.

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How can I get my drivers license number without my card?

A duplicate of your car registration is often kept in your vehicle, so you may be able to determine the number on your driver’s license by looking at that document. If you received any mail from the state regarding your registration, such as a renewal notification, you may be able to discover your license number on that letter as well.

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