How To Renew Malaysia Driving License Overseas? (Solved)

  • For starters, you will not be able to renew it while traveling outside of the country. Neither at the Malaysian Embassy nor at the Malaysian Consulate, without a doubt. The needed method is as follows: I You may only renew it at your residence in Malaysia.

Can I renew my Malaysian driving licence online?

Malaysians may renew their driving licenses (CDLs) quickly and easily online. Vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, and all other kinds of vehicles allowed by JPJ are eligible.

Can I renew Malaysia driving license in Australia?

In order to renew your licence while living abroad, you will need to contact the relevant State Government Licensing Authority in Australia and receive the requisite paperwork, which may need to be attested by a Consular Officer.

How do I renew my driver’s license overseas?

What is the best place to apply? Applications for renewal can be submitted at the License Section of the Central Office of the LTO in Quezon City if the applicant resides in the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila. Representatives who live outside of the National Capital Region may submit their applications to the field office of their choosing.

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Can I renew my Malaysian driving license in UK?

Yes, it is possible. As a foreigner, you must, however, be a permanent resident of Malaysia and possess the MyKAS card in order to be eligible. Aside from that, you must renew your Malaysian driving license no sooner than 12 months before it expires and no later than 7 days before it expires.

How can I renew my Malaysian Driving Licence online 2021?

Renewal of one’s driving privileges

  1. Select the right ID from the ID category by clicking on it. Click on MyKad if you are a Malaysian. Fill up the blanks with your ID number and the security code that was provided. Make certain that you adhere to the format and enter the proper information. All of the information pertaining to your driving license will be shown.

How do I renew my driving Licence at MCO Malaysia?

Returning to normalcy, driver’s license and road tax renewals may be completed online using the MySikap JPJ or MyEG web portals, respectively. Those who have renewed the aforementioned papers will not be required to acquire the physical documents over the counter during the MCO 3.0 period; simply presenting evidence of payment/receipt will be sufficient.

Can Renew Malaysia driving license in Singapore?

Foreigners will be able to apply for driving licence renewal and replacement starting on Monday using the police e-services site at or the Police @ SG mobile application, both of which are accessible through their SingPass accounts. The foreign identity number and the date of birth of those who do not have SingPass accounts can be used as identification.

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How do I renew my Malaysian driving license in Singapore?

To renew your driving license, you can visit any of the JPJ locations. Present your identification card, current driving license, and a photograph. This is optional because most JPJ branches feature a photo booth where you may get your picture taken.

Is Malaysian driving license valid in Australia 2020?

You can drive on your existing overseas license for six months from the day you reached Australia (if the visa was issued prior to arrival); otherwise, you can drive on your current overseas license for six months from the date your visa was issued (if the visa was obtained after arrival) (if it was issued after you arrived in Australia).

How do I renew my Philippine drivers license 2021?

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO REnewing your driver’s license online.

  1. Register using the LTMS portal, which may be found at To confirm your registration, click on the confirmation link you’ll get through email within 24 hours. To begin, complete your personal datasheet. Licensing may be found on the dashboard by selecting it. Read the Terms and Conditions and then click Accept.

How do I renew my driving Licence for OFW?

How to Renew Your Driver’s License If You’re an Overseas Filipino Worker. OFWs who live in the National Capital Region (NCR) can renew their driver’s license at the LTO License Section Central/Office if they are within the NCR. The LTO would accept OFW renewal applications at any of its district offices or licensing centers if they are located outside Metro Manila.

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How do I renew my driving Licence?

“Driving license renewal form” may be obtained by clicking here. Send the completed form to the license facility that is closest to you. Documents required for license renewal include:

  1. 2 passport-sized photos. 2 copies of your CNIC. Your original driving license.
  2. Fee ticket as specified in the License Document.
  3. Medical reports.
  4. Ticket of the applicable license
  5. The application form.

How do I renew my expired Malaysian driving license?

Renewing driving licenses may be done at JPJ State / Branch Offices, the United Technologies Center (UTC), the 1JPJ Counter, the eServices kiosk, and the offices of Pos Malaysia Berhad (PMB). Applicants must renew their driving license within a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years of obtaining their license.

Is Malaysian driving license international?

This international driving license enables Malaysian drivers to travel outside of the country. Any JPJ State or Branch Office, as well as the Malaysia Automobile Association (MAA) office, will assist you in obtaining an IDP-International Driving Permit for your country.

Can Malaysian tourist drive in UK?

As a tourist, you are permitted to drive vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes and accommodating up to 8 passengers, providing that your full driving licence or driving permit for these vehicles is current for at least 12 months from the date of entry into Great Britain (GB). To be able to continue driving, you must first get a temporary GB license and then pass a driving test.

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