How To Renew Expired Driving License Malaysia? (Solved)

Malaysian Department of Road Transportation (JPJ) Another alternative is to visit your local JPJ office with your MyKad and the most recent version of your driving license in hand. It is also possible to bring a photograph with you, albeit this is not required. It would normally take less than an hour to renew your driver’s license at this location.
What is the procedure for renewing a license that has expired?

  • In the event that you are out of state or out of the nation when your license expires, you may be able to renew it by mail. When renewing in this manner, you will often write to the regulatory department and provide an explanation for your incapacity to do so in person.

How long do you have to renew your drivers license after it expires in Malaysia?

Applicants must renew their driving license within a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years of obtaining their license. Applicants who do not renew their driver’s license within three years will be required to reschedule their exam in order to receive a driver’s license.

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Can you renew driving licence after expiry date?

If your driving license has been expired for more than two years, you may be required to repeat your driving test in order to obtain a new license. This is especially true if your driver’s license has expired owing to age (driver’s licenses must be renewed when you reach the age of seventy-five) or due to a medical condition.

Can renew expired driving license at Post Office Malaysia?

Since the 6th of September in 2021, Pos Malaysia will accept ‘walk-ins’ for the renewal of road tax and driving licenses. Customer service representatives are available at our post office counters, as well as online through our website and mobile application.

What happens if you forget to renew driving licence?

If you do not renew your driver’s license but continue to drive, you will not have a valid driving license, and your motor insurance will be invalid as a result of this. You would be committing a major infraction with severe consequences, which might include a large fine and the seizure of your vehicle by the authorities.

How can I renew my Malaysian driving licence online 2021?

Renewal of one’s driving privileges

  1. Select the right ID from the ID category by clicking on it. Click on MyKad if you are a Malaysian. Fill up the blanks with your ID number and the security code that was provided. Make certain that you adhere to the format and enter the proper information. All of the information pertaining to your driving license will be shown.
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How can I renew my license online in Malaysia?

Visit the MyEG website, which is the official one. In the event that you do not already have a MyEG account, you may establish one by clicking on the “Register Now” button and entering the necessary information. To access your MyEG account, first click on the “Login” option, and then pick your local JPJ branch from the drop-down menu. To renew your driver’s license, click on the “Renewing Driving License” button.

Can I renew drivers licence online?

Because of the new verification law that came into effect on 1 November 2015, you are likely to encounter long lines at motor licence offices around the Western Cape. Remember that you may also renew your license via the City of Cape Town’s website: Go to the e-services section.

Am I insured if my licence has expired?

The penalty for driving with an expired driving licence is not just a fine and a criminal record, but it is also generally charged alongside the crime of driving without insurance, because an expired driving licence renders any insurance coverage void.

Can I renew my driving licence online?

In the “License info” area, you can also view the specifics of the needed papers, as well as watch the progress of your license application. To renew your driver’s license, follow these steps: Visit the DLMIS website and look for the downloads section. “Driving license renewal form” may be obtained by clicking here.

Where can I renew my license at MCO?

It is still possible to renew papers in person at JPJ counters during the current MCO, but only by scheduling appointments over the phone, according to the spokesperson. First, vehicle owners or runners must phone the office to reserve their parking spaces before they may come to the JPJ counters for service.

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How do I renew my license at MCO?

Returning to normalcy, driver’s license and road tax renewals may be completed online using the MySikap JPJ or MyEG web portals, respectively. Those who have renewed the aforementioned papers will not be required to acquire the physical documents over the counter during the MCO 3.0 period; simply presenting evidence of payment/receipt will be sufficient.

How do I make an appointment at Pos Malaysia?

To arrange an appointment session, go to the Outlet Finder function on Pos Malaysia’s website ( or mobile app ( You’ll need to choose the state, then the post office branch, and then click on the link that has been supplied.

Can I still drive while waiting for new licence?

No. You must wait for the Department of Transport to provide you with a new driving licence before you may resume driving.

How much does it cost to renew a driving licence?

R250 – R300 in cash is required for the renewal process. The cost of a temporary license is R90 in cash. There are two options for payment: cash or credit card. Renewal costs R228. 00 and R260, and both are accepted.

Can I get a D46P form online?

R250 – R300 in cash is required to renew your membership. There is a R90 cash fee for a temporary driving permit. The cost of renewal is between R228.00 and R260, and payment can be made in cash or with a credit card (see below).

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