How To Register Gst Malaysia? (Correct answer)

  • How to Register for the Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia What is the procedure for registering for GST? A taxable person who is required to be registered under the Goods and Services Tax Act can complete the application by submitting the specified GST-01 form to the government. It is possible to receive registration forms through your local Customs office or online through the GST portal or website.

How can I get GST number in Malaysia?

Guide on How to Register for GST in Malaysia (Step by Step Instructions)

  1. Details of the company or business — the name of the company or business, as well as contact information. Obtain a copy of the GST TAP website and click the Register for GST hyperlink. Then, click on the Next button to go to the next stage. Select the type of business you want to run.

Do I need to register for GST in Malaysia?

Any person who makes a taxable supply for business purposes and whose taxable turnover exceeds the RM500,000 level is required to register for GST. The GST registration process is simple. Businesses having a taxable turnover of RM500,000 or less, on the other hand, are eligible to apply for voluntary registration.

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Can I register for GST by myself?

GST Registration may be completed in the following steps, which are explained in detail further down this page: Go to the GST portal at to get started with the first step. ‘Register Now’ may be found under the ‘Taxpayers’ option on the left-hand side of the screen in Step 2. Step 3: Select ‘New Registration’ from the drop-down menu.

How do I register for GST number?

Go to the official GST site – – and choose Services Registration New Registration from the services menu under the services tab. Fill out the Registration page with all of your information (including your PAN number), your email address, and your cell phone number. After you have entered your information, click on the Proceed button.

Do I need to register under GST?

Is it necessary to register for GST? In the event that your annual turnover surpasses the defined threshold limitations, you will be forced to get GST registration. The most recent threshold limitations for GST registration may be found by visiting this page. A dealer whose total annual revenue is less than Rs 1.5 crore is eligible to participate in the Composition scheme.

How do I know when to register for GST?

You may check the progress of a GST Registration application by following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal. Step 2: Enter the ARN Number. Step 3: Check the status of your GST Registration application.
  2. Step 1: Navigate to the GST Portal. Step 2: Enter the GSTIN Number. Step 3: Check the status of your GST Registration application.
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Who is not eligible for GST registration?

Small enterprises with a total annual revenue of less than Rupees 20 lakh (Rs 10 lakh if the firm is located in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland, or Tripura) are exempt from registering under this provision.

Does sole proprietorship need to pay GST?

If the single proprietorship’s annual revenue reaches Rs. 20 lakh, the proprietorship needs additionally register for GST. The sole proprietorship can also register as a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) under the MSME Act; however, while registration is not required, it is advantageous to be registered under the same legislation.

How can I apply for SST in Malaysia?

How Do I Submit an Application for SST in Malaysia? Business owners can apply for SST Malaysia registration using an online portal known as MySST, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Pre-existing enterprises that are already registered under the GST system will be automatically registered under the SST system.

How do I register a GST for a sole proprietorship?

Documents necessary for gst registration for a sole proprietorship business include:

  1. A copy of the proprietor’s personal Pan Card. b copy of the proprietor’s Aadhar Card. c copies of the proprietor’s electricity, telephone, and water bills, or a copy of the proprietor’s lease agreement if the office is rented.

How long does it take to register GST?

Registration for GST typically takes between 2 and 6 business days. A defaulter who does not pay tax or who makes short payments is liable to a penalty of 10 percent (for real reasons) of the tax amount due, with a minimum of Rs 10,000 as the penalty.

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Can I get GST number without shop?

It is not necessary to form a corporation in order to obtain a GSTIN number, though. In addition, you can obtain a GSTIN as a lone owner or as part of a partnership firm.

Is GST registration mandatory for small business?

Any firm, however, whose annual revenue surpasses Rs 40 lakh is obliged to register under the Goods and Services Tax (CGST). For service providers, the maximum is Rs 20 lakh per year. Many small firms, particularly startups in India, have benefited from the increased GST threshold, which has made them more compliant.

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