How To Register For B40 In Malaysia?

  • Step 1: Determine whether or not you are eligible. The second step is to go to the nearest PeKa B40 clinic, which may be recognised by the PeKa B40 emblem, and present your MyKad card if you are determined to be qualified. Step 3: During your initial visit to the clinic, you will be subjected to a physical examination.

How do you qualify for b40?

General eligibility requirements: Buyers who do not own any property in Selangor and have a monthly household income of not more than RM5,000 a month for Type A or low-cost housing; OR, buyers with a monthly household income of not more than RM15,000 a month for Type B, C, and D properties, including affordable and low-cost housing (priority will be given to those earning less than RM10,000 per month).

How do I register my BPR online?

Guide for submitting a BPR online application

  1. Please visit the official BPR application page by clicking here. Fill out the form with your personal information. You must attach any supporting papers that are necessary (such as a marriage certificate or divorce/death certificate) – documents can be submitted in the PDF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats, and you can upload a total of three supporting documents.
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How do I check my BPR eligibility?

They can begin determining their eligibility on September 18 by visiting

How do I register for BPN?

You have been registered without your knowledge. Although not eligible for the first BPN, those who wish to apply for BPN 2.0 must do so before November 15, 2020, via the BPN site. Simply input your IC number on the website, click on “Permohonan Baru,” and fill out the rest of the information.

Who can apply for BPN?

If you are not, the following conditions were established for participation in the first round of BPN: B40 households are those with an annual income of RM4,000 or less. M40 households are those with annual incomes ranging from RM4,001 to RM8,000. Individuals in the B40 category are those who are 21 years or older and earning less than RM2,000 per month.

How do I register for BPN online?

According to the LHDN, “Applicants can submit an online application at or they can submit a paper application to their local LHDN office.” Ahead of time, it was revealed that BPN 2.0 will be included in the government’s plan under the Prihatin Supplementary Initiative Package (Kita Prihatin) to assist those who have been afflicted by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Can I register BPR now?

If you fall into the family income category of RM5,000 or less or the single individual income category of RM2,000 or less, you can apply online at the Bureau of Public Revenue’s official website by February 15, 2021.

How do I check the status of my BPN payment?

You may monitor the progress of your application on the official BPN site, which can be found at Q: When and how can I find out the status of my application for BPN 2.0?

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How do I appeal my BPN 2021?

Tengku Zafrul stated that applicants can submit their appeal in a variety of ways, including online at or by delivering the BPR 2021 appeal form to IRB’s branches or Revenue Service Centres (PKH) or Urban Transformation Centre manually, after making an appointment with the department.

How do you collect money from BPN?

Payments will be put into the bank account that has been registered with us. It is possible to claim the money in person at Bank Simpanan Nasional counters from 26 October to 31 December if you do not have a bank account. Please share your opinions with us on TRP’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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