How To Pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Malaysia? (TOP 5 Tips)

Online bill payment options include the SC Mobile app and online banking, where customers may choose whether to pay their whole statement balance or only the minimum amount required. You may also be able to make payments to your credit card account in any amount you want.

  • It is also possible to pay your credit card bill by depositing cash at any Standard Chartered Bank location that has a teller machine. It is necessary to complete the cash deposit slip with the necessary information and deposit the cash at the teller counter. The teller receives the cash payment and issues a receipt to the customer. Payment of a Standard Chartered Credit Card using Phone Banking is available.

How can I pay my Standard Chartered credit card Malaysia?

You have the option of making payment on your Standard Chartered Credit Card invoices in three different ways: immediately, in the future, or through a scheduled payment. For personal credit cards, just pick ‘Card Payment’ from the Payments/Transfers menu and the card you wish to pay from the drop-down menu that appears.

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How do I pay my standard bank credit card?

Please keep in mind that you are allowed to deposit monies into your Credit Card account from another financial institution. The credit card account number must either be loaded into your bank’s app as a beneficiary or the payment can be sent through online banking and ATM transfers using your credit card account number as a reference, depending on the method you choose.

How do I pay my Standard Chartered credit card via mpesa?

Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Using the Safaricom Sim Tool Kit on your mobile phone, you may access M-PESA. Choose “Lipa Na M-PESA” from the M-PESA drop-down menu. Click on “Pay Bill,” then click on “Enter Business No” and type in 329 110, then click OK. Select “Enter Account No.,” which is the number on the back of your Credit Card, and then click on “OK.”

How do I pay my credit card from another bank?

If you are making a payment from a bank account with another institution:

  1. When in into Online Banking, click Manage accounts from the Bill Pay option by hovering over it. Select the Other Pay From Accounts tab from the drop-down menu. Select Add a Pay From account that you already have at another financial institution and fill out the form with the necessary information about your account at the other financial institution.

How can I pay my Standard Chartered Icici credit card bill?

Log into your savings netbanking account using your username and password. Select the NEFT option from the “Fund Transfer” drop-down menu. You may designate your Standard Chartered credit card bill as a beneficiary by selecting “Add a beneficiary” from the drop-down menu. Standard Chartered Bank should be entered as the bank name.

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How can I pay my Standard Chartered credit card bill from OCBC?

Instructions on how to pay your credit card bill using Internet Banking

  1. Visit to sign in. Choose ‘Payment and transfer’ from the drop-down menu. Either choose ‘Pay your OCBC/Plus! credit card bill’ or ‘Pay card bill from another bank (Visa / MasterCard)’ from the drop-down menu.

How can I pay my credit card bill?

Payment of Credit Card Bills

  1. Login to the New MobileBanking App by entering your Customer ID and password or by using your Quick Access Pin. Select Pay Section >> Cards from the drop-down menu. Select the card that you have registered. Choose the “Pay” option.
  2. Select the amount type (Minimum/Total/Other)
  3. Click the confirm button to complete the transaction.

How can I pay my credit card with my debit card?

The majority of banks enable you to make credit card payments with a debit card without having to register with them first. You can either immediately enter your debit card information into the payment channel or use your debit card to make a payment at an ATM located at the bank.

How do I pay my Standard Chartered credit card bill Hong Kong?

What is the best way to pay the bill?

  1. Step 1 – Select “View & Pay Bills” from the drop-down menu. You will receive an SMS reminder of the due date around 5 days before it is due. Activate your Standard Chartered Online Banking account and navigate to “View & Pay Bills.” Step 2 – Confirm and Submit your payment. The amount of the most recent e-bill will be presented. You can change the amount of the bill according to your requirements.
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Is a credit card account number the same as the card number?

The number on your card is distinct from the number on your credit card account, despite the fact that the two are connected. For example, if your credit card is lost or stolen, you will be issued a new card with a different credit card number, but your account number will remain the same as the old card.

How can I pay my other bank credit card using maybank2u Malaysia?

How to pay a credit card bill using the M2U ID Web service

  1. After logging into M2U ID Web, select the “Bill Payment” option from the drop-down menu. Select the “Other Bill Payment” option from the drop-down menu. Select “Other Bank Credit Card” from the Biller Category drop-down menu. Fill out the necessary information about your credit card. Check and double-check that you’ve entered the proper information.

How do I pay my HSBC credit card in Malaysia?

What it is and how it works

  1. Spot. Online, look for the JomPAY logo and biller code on the bill you’ve received. Enter your login information and search for “pay a bill with JomPAY” in HSBC online banking or the HSBC mobile banking app.
  2. Pay. Fill out the payment information and click “Confirm payment.”

Can I pay my credit card through ATM?

Is it possible to pay my credit card bill through an ATM? Yes, you may pay your credit card bill using the ATM of the bank that issued the card. Despite the fact that online payment is increasingly popular, many people, particularly those who are not familiar with online banking or elderly citizens who do not use digital banking extensively, prefer to make payments through alternative means.

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