How To Pay Electricity Bill Online In Malaysia?

Enter your e-Wallet app’s login information (Boost or Touch ‘n Go eWallet). Fill out the form with your phone number and password to set up your e-wallet account, if you haven’t done so before. Select biller “TNB” from the “Bills” tile by tapping on it. Input the TNB account number and the amount of the payment.

  • Payment on Short Notice Paying your power bill is simple and convenient when you use only your electricity account number. Bills may be found using their account numbers. If you have a 12-digit electrical account number, please input it here: Search Express Payment allows you to make payments of up to RM250 using a Credit/Debit Card. For payments of more than RM250, you must log in or register.

How can I pay my electricity bill online?

The Procedure for Obtaining an Electricity Bill Online Log on to the distributor’s official website using your email address and password. It is critical that you have your reference number on hand in order to obtain your billing information. Find your reference number on your bill and write it down. It will be a 14-digit number that will be put in a box that is typically positioned at the bottom corner of the invoice.

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How can I check my electricity bill online Malaysia?

Access your mytnb account and choose the property account you wish to check and pay your bill from the dropdown menu. Then, select ‘Pay Bill’ from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen instructions to pay: You may pay for your stay on mytnb using your internet banking or a debit or credit card.

Which e wallet can pay TNB?

As of last Saturday, both the Boost and Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallets had officially activated their respective bill payment capabilities for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) (13 November 2021).

Which app is best for paying electricity bill?

MobiKwik, the first and only authentically Indian payment app, has earned the confidence of billions of Indians over the course of several years. Because it is such a safe and secure platform, a user is more likely to return to it for the purpose of making online payments in the future. The user may pay their BEST power bill online while on the go, even if they are in the middle of anything else.

Which app is best for electricity bill payment?

Electricity Bill Payment Apps for Android and iOS in India: The Top 6 Apps

  • Paytm, GooglePay (GPay), PhonePe, FreeCharge, BHIM UPI, Mobiwik, and others.

How can I pay my electricity bill online Maybank?

Follow these three simple actions after logging into Maybank2u or visiting a Maybank ATM in your area:

  1. SPOT. On your bill, look for the JomPAY logo and the Biller Code. GET ON THE INTERNET. Login to Maybank2u, choose ‘Pay & Transfer,’ and then pick ‘Pay’ ATM from the drop-down menu. Go to ‘Pay Bills’ > ‘Pay Bills’. Choose ‘JomPAY’ and press ‘PAY’. Enter your payment information and confirm your payment.
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What is TNB account number?

This is the 12-digit account number assigned to you. Every account you have with TNB will have a unique account number, which you can find here.

Where is Roc number TNB?

For this, you’ll need the TNB Account number, which can be found on the upper left-hand corner of your paper bill, as well as the owner’s identification card or passport number.

How do I pay my TNB bill with Shopee?


  1. Go to the POS Automated Machine (PAM) that is closest to you
  2. Bill for “Electricity” should be selected. TNB is the best option. Scan the TNB barcode or manually input the account number, then enter the amount. Choose PAYMENT WITH E-WALLET as your payment method. Scan your ShopeePay barcode (*Important: The PAM could not recognize the ShopeePay QR code
  3. remember to switch to barcode! )
  4. enter your payment information.

Can I pay TNB deposit online?

Making payments at TNB’s Kedai Tenaga or online at are the two most convenient options. Pos Malaysia, or any of the other one-stop collecting agencies, such as mine.

What is the biller code for TNB?

It is also possible to make payments online with JomPAY (Biller Code: 5454, Biller Code Name: Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Ref 1: your TNB account number).

What is biller code for Celcom?

Tenaga Nasional Berhad is number 5454, while Celcom is number 2881.

How do I find my JomPAY Biller Code?

Every JomPAY biller will have a standard Biller Code (BC) and Recipient Reference Number (Ref-1) printed on all bills, which will be unique to that biller. If an extra Reference Number (Ref-2) is necessary, it will be displayed on the invoices as well as on the bills.

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How do I pay my Celcom bill?

Celcom Life 3.0 is a mobile application developed by Celcom.

  1. Access the Celcom Life App by logging in. If you go to your main dashboard and click on “Pay Now,” you’ll be sent to your Billing Details. You’ll be led to the ‘Pay Bill’ dashboard, where you’ll need to enter your mobile phone number. Enter the amount of the bill and your selected payment method, and you’re done!

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