How To Mail Items To Malaysia? (Solution)

  • In addition to using movers, you may send your things to Malaysia using the services of a freight forwarder. Check out the Freightnet freight forwarding directory for further information. A large number of moving firms accept credit cards.

How do I send a package to Malaysia?

On your dashboard, select “Single Parcel” from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Select the nation for delivery, enter your postcode and the weight of your package, and then click “Quote Book.” Step 3: Select Qxpress from the drop-down menu and press the “Book” button. Step 4: Enter the information for the sender.

How can I ship something from USA to Malaysia?


  1. Create an account and you will be provided with a free US shipping address that you can use. Start purchasing from online retailers in the United States. Have your goods delivered to your home location in the United States. Send your packages back to your native country of Malaysia.

Does FedEx ship to Malaysia?

FedEx Malaysia provides Worldwide Express Delivery Services for International Shipping.

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Can I send stuff to the post office?

It is possible to select the Hold for Pickup option when sending parcels, which means that the receivers may pick up their items at their local Post Office. The US Postal Service offers the option to reroute packages to your local Post Office by clicking Hold for Pickup under Track Manage on and entering your zip code.

Is FedEx cheaper than DHL?

The cost of shipping varies depending on the carrier. Although DHL and FedEx both charge higher rates for same-day delivery services, DHL prices are often less expensive for domestic shipments in the long run. The prices charged by DHL International Shipping are often less expensive than those charged by FedEx International Shipping when comparing the two companies’ international shipping costs.

Can I send chocolate to Malaysia?

Things like cheese and fruits, for example, will be out of the question. Aside from that, things such as cakes and chocolates are difficult to export since they are prone to melt when shipped in hot weather or via shipping facilities in Malaysia that are not always air conditioned.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

How to Use the United States Postal Service’s Shipping Calculator

  1. Go to the United States Postal Service’s Postage Price Calculator page. To begin, enter the information of your letter or package. To continue, select the shipment type. To compare shipping options, click Compare Shipping Options. To see your results, click on “Continue.” Pay for shipping and have your shipment’s postage printed.
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How long does it take for USPS to deliver to Malaysia?

It typically takes between 7 and 21 days for First Class Mail International deliveries to arrive, while the United States Postal Service does not guarantee arrival dates or timetables. Mail can be delivered by ground, air, or a combination of the two modes of transportation.

Which is cheaper UPS or USPS?

UPS is frequently more expensive than the United States Postal Service (USPS) owing to taxes and surcharges, particularly when sending smaller products. In general, USPS gives significantly lower prices for items weighing less than two pounds, however UPS is often a better alternative for sending larger, heavier products due to its higher value.

Is Malaysia accepting international mail?

As a result of fees and surcharges, UPS is sometimes more expensive than USPS, particularly when sending small products. When delivering smaller items weighing less than two pounds, the USPS is often the better choice, however UPS is often the better choice when shipping bigger, heavier products since it provides greater value for the money.

What is cheapest way to ship internationally?

To summarize, the following are the cheapest international shipping options: Typically, USPS is chosen since their international delivery prices are far lower than those offered by UPS and FedEx. Using UPS and FedEx to send overseas without a corporate account may be extremely expensive, with costs approximately three times higher than those charged by the United States Postal Service. 6

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