How To Call China From Malaysia? (Solution found)

If you are calling China from Malaysia, use the following numbers: +86 Area Code + Land Phone Number +86 11 Digit Mobile Number +86 Area Code + Land Phone Number (if calling from Malaysia).

How do I call a China number?


  1. China Mobile Hong Kong is located on the 60th floor of The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong. Their phone number is (852) 3121 8888, and their fax number is (852) 2511 9092. They may be reached by email at [email protected]

How do I call China from abroad?

In this example, 011 is the Exit code for the United States, 86 is the ISD code for China, 739 is the area code for Shaoyang, and??????? is the 7-digit TEL number of the recipient China’s International Subscriber Dialing Code (ISD Code) is 86. The country code for China is 86. The ISD code is sometimes referred to as the national calling code.

How do I add a Chinese number to Whatsapp?

Open the address book on your phone. When inputting a contact’s phone number, begin by typing a plus sign (+) before the number. Enter the country code first, followed by the phone number in its entirety. It is important to note that while calling another country, a country code must be supplied before the entire national phone number.

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How can I call China for free?

Calls to China are completely free.

  1. Customers who have an included call subscription are able to make completely free phone calls. Call China for free at any time of day or night. Simply call 08700 477 477 + 0086 + the local number to reach the operator.

How many digits is China phone number?

The telephone numbers in China are made up of 12 numbers that are divided into groups of three. If you’re calling China from a mobile phone, you’ll need to dial the country code plus the area code plus the eight-digit number. Chinese area codes include Beijing (10), Shanghai (21) and Guangzhou (23). (20).

How do I get a mainland China phone number?

Is It Possible To Acquire A Chinese Phone Number?

  1. Sign up for a CallHippo account and create a password. Select China from the list of available nation selections. Choose a Chinese city or province as the location of your phone number. Choose your favorite Chinese phone number or Chinese toll-free number from the drop-down menu. Continue with the payment process after you have made your option. You are now completely prepared.

What is the area code for Shanghai China?

Take a look at our “How to Call Shanghai” guide for more information:

  1. To begin, dial 011 – the exit code for the United States and Canada.
  2. Then enter 86 – the country code for China.
  3. Then dial 21 – the Shanghai area code. Finally, here is the Shanghai telephone number.

What is the Chinese version of WhatsApp?

Starting with 011 – the exit code for the United States and Canada; then 86 – the country code for China; and last 21 – the Shanghai area code; In the final instance, here is the Shanghai phone number:

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Can I use Chinese number for WhatsApp?

In 2021, will WhatsApp be blocked in China? Yes. WhatsApp has been restricted and filtered in China since June of last year, according to official data. The app has been prohibited in China, joining a long list of other social networking services that have been blocked.

What is China country code for WhatsApp?

It is possible to dial and store a Whatsapp number in China (CN) using the WA.ME/86 extension.

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