How To Apply Indonesian Maid In Malaysia? (Perfect answer)

  • Applicants may submit their applications in one of the following ways: i. directly to the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • ii. through employment agencies registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia and submitting their applications at the Immigration office of the State that corresponds to the employer’s address. a. Before submitting the application, double-check that the form and all needed documents are complete.

How can I get Indonesian maid in Malaysia?


  1. You must be a girl between the ages of 21 and 45 when you submit your application. The maid must be from one of the nine permitted countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and others. The maid must not be placed on the Department of Immigration’s “blacklist.” The maid must not be in possession of a temporary working visa that is currently in effect with another employer.

How much does it cost to hire an Indonesian maid in Malaysia?

Women between the ages of 21 and 45 at the time of application are required to submit an application. It is only permitted for maids to come from the following nine countries: Indonesia; the Philippines; Sri Lanka; The Immigration Department must not place the maid on a no-fly list. The maid must not be in possession of a temporary working visa that is currently in the possession of another employer; and

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How do I employ maid direct from Indonesia?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain the transferee’s permission before proceeding. Confirm that the current employer has sent the FDW for her six-monthly medical exam, and if the previous test was more than five months ago, arrange for her to have another one. Fill out a new Work Permit application for her, which may be found here.

How much does it cost to hire a Filipino maid in Malaysia?

According to the findings of the research, hiring a Philippines maid in Malaysia would easily cost you between Rm 12,000 to RM18,000, with an agency charge accounting for a significant chunk of the total cost.

How can I bring my maid to Malaysia?

Formalities Involved With Accepting A Foreign Domestic Helper After obtaining a visa, the FDH is free to enter Malaysia by any of the authorized entry points. Immigration authorities at the ports of entry will issue a Special Pass valid for 30 days, allowing the employer to notify the presence of the FDH at the Immigration office that granted the VDR to the Department of Homeland Security.

How much is Indonesian maid salary?

For an Indonesian maid, the minimum monthly wage is $550, and if they have several years of experience, their income might range from $650 to $700 per month.

How much is maid permit renewal in Malaysia?

Renewal of a maid’s permit will incur additional expenses. The total cost of renewing your work permit is RM610. It is inclusive of the Pass Charge of RM60. 00, the Levies Fee of RM 410, the Visa Fee of RM15, and the Processing Fee of RM 125.

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How do I get a house maid?

One advantage of hiring a maid through a reputable agency or online portal is that you have more alternatives to pick from rather than being limited to one or two candidates based on a recommendation from a neighbor or other source. You may locate advertising companies in daily publications and even on the internet.

Can I hire a maid from another country?

According to the Department of Labor’s Employment and Labor Training Administration, employing foreign employees for employment in the United States often necessitates clearance from a number of different government departments. Additionally, an applicant must demonstrate that she or he meets the requirements for admission to the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Can a single man employ a maid?

If you are a single individual, we will determine if you are eligible for and in need of the services of a migrant domestic helper ( MDW ). To be eligible to apply, you must be at least 21 years old. When submitting the application, you cannot be an un-discharged bankrupt.

How do I renew my maid permit in Malaysia 2021?

MYEG allows you to renew your Maid Working Permit online at any time. Your maid permits will be delivered to your residence following the completion of all completed transactions and payments. When you arrive, you will be asked to show your MyKad in order to confirm and accept receipt of the permits.

How do I find out if my maid is blacklisted?

Using MOM’s online database, you may look up a maid’s previous job history records on your own. A SingPass account and only the basic information on the maid you intend to employ are all that you will be required to provide. Inquire with a staffing agency about available positions.

  1. The income of the maid
  2. the health of the maid
  3. the language ability of the maid
  4. the amount of experience of the maid
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How can I cancel my Indonesian maid work permit in Malaysia?

The wage of the maid; the health of the maid; the maid’s language skills; the amount of experience of the maid; and other considerations

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