How Much Tamil Is Spoken In Malaysia? (Question)

Malaysian Tamil (Tamil: ) (Tamil: Malsiyat tami moi), also known as Malaya Tamil, is a regional variety of the Tamil language that is spoken in Malaysia. Malaysian Tamil is a dialect of the Tamil language.

Malaysian Tamil
Native speakers ~3.9 million in Malaysia and Singapore (2006 – 2010 census)


  • Among the linguistic groups that make up the so-called “Indian” minority in Malaysia and Singapore, Tamils are by far the most numerous, accounting for around 9 percent of the population, or 1.5 million people in the former and approximately 7 percent, or 190,000 people in the latter. People classed as Tamil-speaking constitute around 85 percent of the population in Malaysia and 65 percent of the population in Singapore, or approximately 120,000 people.

Are there Tamil people in Malaysia?

The vast majority of 1.8 to 2 million individuals Eighty percent of the Malaysian Indian populations in Malaysia belonged to Tamil ethnic groups from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, according to the United Nations Development Programme.

Is Tamil taught in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, Tamil primary schools are Malaysian government-aided primary schools that teach in the Tamil language as the primary medium of instruction, as opposed to English. All other disciplines, with the exception of science and mathematics, which are taught in either Tamil or English, depending on the school and grade level, are taught in Tamil.

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What is the percentage of Tamil people in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, Tamil primary schools are government-sponsored primary schools that employ the Tamil language as the primary medium of teaching. All other disciplines, with the exception of science and mathematics, which are taught in either Tamil or English, depending on the school and grade level, are taught in Tamil only.

Are there Tamils in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a tiny Tamil community, which is comprised primarily of immigrants. Following the formation of Pakistan in 1947, a small number of Tamils came from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and settled in Karachi. Although there are some Tamils who have lived in Karachi since the early twentieth century, when the city was developing under the British Raj.

Why did tamilians go to Sri Lanka?

The British colonial period witnessed the transportation and migration of Tamils to Sri Lanka, although on a far bigger scale than that seen by the Portuguese and Dutch. Thousands of Indian Tamils were sent to Sri Lanka as indentured laborers throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to work on British-owned coffee, tea, and rubber plantations during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Are Tamils discriminated in Malaysia?

Minorities have felt abandoned as a result, especially in the case of many lower-caste and lower-class Tamils, they have had the impression that they are being discriminated against. Generally speaking, Tamils in Malaysia are impoverished, have limited access to economic and educational opportunities, and are disproportionately targeted by the criminal justice system.

How many Tamils live in Australia?

There are 9,979 Tamil speakers who were born in Australia, according to the census. The overall number of ethnic Tamils in the country is around 150,000 individuals.

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Is Tamil spoken in South Africa?

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry, it is the official language of the state (Pondicherry). The language is also spoken in Sri Lanka and Singapore, as well as Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa, where it is a large number of people’s first tongue.

Is education free in Malaysia?

Obtaining an education can be accomplished through the bilingual national school system, which provides free education to all Malaysians, as well as through private schools or homeschooling. School fees are charged by both international and private universities. Primary education is mandated by the government.

What language is spoken in Malaysia?

A total of 4 thousand Tamil school pupils were enrolled in the Federated Malay States’ educational system in 1920.

What percentage of Singapore speaks Tamil?

Tamil is the most widely used Indian language in Singapore, and it is the only Indian language among Singapore’s four official languages, which are Mandarin, Malay, and English. 3.1 percent of Singapore citizens speak Tamil at home, making it the most widely spoken Indian language in the world.

How many Tamils live in Canada?

With a population of over 73,000 people (in 1994), the Tamil community in Canada has grown significantly in recent years, with the vast majority of them (approximately 93 percent) having arrived from Sri Lanka (or Eelam, as it is called in Tamil) in the previous decade.

Are there Tamils in India?

Tamils make up 5.9 percent of India’s population (concentrated mostly in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry), 15 percent of Sri Lanka’s population, 10 percent of Mauritius’ population, 7 percent of Malaysia’s population, and 5 percent of Singapore’s population.

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