How Much Is The Cost Of Iphone 6 In Malaysia? (Question)

The Apple iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 1.2-megapixel front camera, and a battery with a capacity of 1810mAh.
The Apple iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 1.2-megapixel front camera, and a battery with a capacity of 1810mAh.
Apple iPhone 6 pricing information, broken down by country.

Country International Price Price in MYR
Indonesia IDR 2.459.000 RM 718.00
Malaysia MYR 590.00 RM 590.00


  • The current Apple iPhone 6 pricing in Malaysia is RM765, which is a significant discount over the previous model. It is available in three different color options: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. Features and specifications are subject to change at any time and without notice.

How much is a used iPhone 6?

The following is a breakdown of today’s used iPhone 6 market value: Currently, the average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 6 is $26.75, with prices from the leading buyback businesses ranging between $21.44 and $34.00.

Is iPhone 6S worth buying in 2021?

This iPhone is still worthwhile since it is still capable of running the most recent version of Apple’s iOS operating system. The most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 14, is still compatible with a used iPhone 6S as of right now. Another reason why we adore the iPhone 6S and believe it will continue to be a worthwhile purchase in 2021.

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Is iPhone cheap in Malaysia?

The starting price of the Apple iPhone 11 in Malaysia is Rs 57,650, which is over Rs 7,250 less than the pricing in India. In Malaysia, the Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) is available for purchase for 3,399 Malaysian Ringgit (RMB) after taxes, which is about Rs 57,650 in India.

What is the smallest iPhone?

Design and display of the iPhone 12 small vs the iPhone SE There’s no denying that the 12 mini is a more attractive smartphone. It’s also only a tad smaller and lighter than the previous model, making it the tiniest iPhone available.

Is the iPhone 6 Old?

Following the debut of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models in 2015, Apple sold tens of millions of units worldwide. Apple’s iPhone 6 is said to be “secure until 2023,” but the iPhone 6 Plus may not be so fortunate. It is only “Vintage” for a period of two years, after which it is considered “Obsolete” by Apple.

How much is iPhone 7 now?

What is the price of the iPhone 7 in Nigeria? It costs 100,000 Naira in Nigeria to purchase the 32GB/2GB version of the device. The 128GB edition of the iPhone 7 is priced at 120,000 Naira, which is a significant premium. The iPhone 7 (256GB) price in Nigeria, on the other hand, starts at 150,000 Naira.

Is iPhone 6 a good phone?

This is a good thing. The iPhone 6 boasts a large, sharp 4.7-inch screen, faster wireless connections, enhanced camera focusing, and increased storage capacity up to 128GB at the top of the line, among other features. iOS continues to be a top-tier mobile operating system with a robust app ecosystem, and Apple Pay is a seamless and secure payment method.

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Is iPhone 6 a 4G?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both 4G-enabled smartphones. Whether or not the mobile internet connection is 4G capable is indicated by a 4G icon appearing next to the signal indication in the top left-hand corner of the display.

How long will my iPhone 6 last?

The iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and first-generation iPhone SE, all of which arrived with iOS 9, will be among the devices to receive the operating system upgrade, as will the iPhone SE. Six years is an extraordinarily lengthy life expectancy for a mobile device, and the iPhone 6S is undoubtedly in the race for the title of longest-supported phone to this point.

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